I may have found a way in which XP beats OSX…

Obviously I am very cautious in making such strong statements, particularly with certain people browsing the blog… But I may have found something that I prefer in XP!

So here’s the situation, I have my iTunes music folder on my mac, where any new CD or download (all perfectly legal… please don’t remove my internet, Virgin Media) is kept. I limit this folder to a maximum of 8GB, so it syncs to my iPod nicely. When I run out of space, I have to decide which albums get relegated to being only on my server. I therefore need to keep the two folders synchronised.

In XP, it would be possible to drag the contents of the music folder on my laptop, to the music folder on my server, where I would be given the option to ‘merge’ the folders, so no time is wasted by replacing albums which I would forever keep on both laptop and server (i.e. Deloused in the Comatorium)

The only option given in Finder, is to replace the folders that have identical names. Which would probably end up in the Metallica folder on my laptop (containing only Kill ‘Em All [hey, it’s a great album to play along to]) replacing the Metallica folder on my server (containing all their work pre-Load [nostalgia]). Disaster!

Now, a little research tells me I can sort this out via Terminal, using the ‘ditto’ command….
I used:

ditto ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music/ Music

Whilst in the directory on the server.
This does exactly what I want it to, so I guess there’s not too much need for complaint, it’s just a shame that I can’t dot this through Finder, since I’m not very experienced with Terminal

So there it is… if anyone else had been wondering about this. Just make sure to add a few more commands to that line so you can keep an eye on progress.. I didn’t, and had to keep checking through the folder on my server, trying to remember which albums were new. As we speak, I’m somewhere between M.I.A. and Roots Manuva (my God, I’m so fly)

If anyone can give me a heads up as to what extra bits I could add to the command, it will be much appreciated


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